First of all, I must welcome you to my blog. This is my first attempt and I hope you like it. The focus of this is to explain the scientific concepts and future plans for renewable energy and causes of global warming. Now, I hear some of you saying “that’s boring” but that’s where I want to change your mind. I aim to make this topic more understandable for everyone and as ‘blogging’ seems to be the new trend, I thought I would give it a go.

So, how can I make environmental science less boring? Well, there are a few ways. First, not everyone likes reading chunk after chunk of writing, nor does anyone want to see nothing but pictures and learn nothing, so I have tried to combine the two and make a blog where the most up to date information will be portrayed in a format easy for any age to understand. Weather, climate change and saving energy aren’t the most interesting topics people want to read, but I want to raise their profile. I want to make them engaging so that everyone will take an interest. It’s not about everyone becoming an expert, it’s about everyone understanding just enough to change little things in their daily lives to contribute to a bigger picture.

I hope you find my blog informative and fun, and if you do, please share it with your friends so we can spread the word about the issues that could affect our future and that of our childrens’.

9 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. That’s an easy read. Keep it up.

    I want to learn, and so do others. You had asked me to visit and offer suggestions?

    I have a few and you might already be doing this. Mainly, keep blog posts “short” I have been told by other bloggers that have very large following, to try and aim for no more than 300 words, less if you can. (like 150 to 200) sometimes that’s the challenge. I try to follow that myself, but don’t always succeed. Just know, people tend to “check out” pretty quickly and move on.

    Also, if it’s a dry subject, find a way to tell a funny story or relate it to something currently going on in the press or something to make it interesting. Maybe just post a question or two, or a thought provoking statement with links to other sites that people can click to read more if their interest is piqued? (example: “I’m worried about this latest news of the Arctic, and what it could mean…click here, read, and tell me your thoughts?” example: “I was watching Ice Truckers on Discovery channel…and thought of this…”)

    I’m not the expert. I’m telling you things I have noticed/heard/read in my years of blogging. And based on what I read and who’s blogs I frequent. Oh, and most importantly:

    When you have studied a subject a great deal, just remember, other’s haven’t. Don’t talk down to your readers, but also, don’t assume they know all these vocabulary words/terminologies. Maybe on your side bar, or take an image and insert as a photo within the post, that might tell (be a small blurb) on that particular item. Those that know what it means, they over look it. Others, they can pause read it and say “oh, that’s what it means.”

    My personal preference, other’s might disagree, try to find an image (maybe two) to add to the post to make it appeasing to the eye. Of course, something appropriate for the subject matter, but not overkill. You might not have to if you have little terminologies inserted as a photo within the blog post. That will give your post some “color” vs. just a bunch words and paragraphs. Again, this is a preference thing. 🙂

    those are my thoughts, hopefully, something in there is worthy of noting.

    Sandi 🙂

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  2. Hello there!
    I want to tell you that you are doing a great work. Congratulations.
    After reading the first two lines, honestly, I thought it’d be boring but then the way you’ve put it, it’s really interesting.

    Warm regards

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