Let me introduce myself. I’m a high school student and I decided to set up this blog because I’m really keen on science and wanted to try something different. Not only is this a learning curve for me about blogging, it is also a great way for me to consolidate topics we are covering at GCSE and expand on these even further. I thought this may be a more suitable way of conveying information, as the state of the environment is forever changing, and a blog allows me to update it periodically to suit these changes.

I think it is important to get people interested in science and I think one of the key ways in which to do this is to embrace new technology as a way of reaching out. I also believe that concepts need to be explained in such a way that everyone can understand them, because otherwise, people are put off by things they don’t understand. They also need to have a choice in how they want to learn. Some people don’t like page after page of writing, whereas some do. Some people don’t like having only a picture to make sense of, even though some may prefer it. Whilst others may not like having writing or a picture to learn from, they may prefer an auditory source, like a video, MP3 or podcast.

I’m also going to try and link the science to other subjects. After all, why not? Maths will certainly feature, and don’t be surprised if others do too. If I can give someone just one piece of information which ignites curiosity and a passion for a topic, then this blog will have served its purpose.

Wherever possible, I will try and make as many different options available so that everyone can benefit from this blog.

If there are any suggestions at all about my blog, feel free to leave a comment and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you and enjoy.


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